You know, when I was a kid, there were a few things that I hated to do.  I hated to go to the doctor’s office (not because I hated my local doctor, or because I hated spending the money, or even because I hated needles.  Hell, I can’t hate needles, I’ve got tons of tattoos), most likely because that smell just weirded me out.  And I came to find as I grew older that pretty much every doctor’s office in the world had that same smell to it, too.  Anyhow, I hated going to any psychiatrist, counselor, or psychologist’s office.  I know, I know, there is some pharmacological science involved in psychiatry, but I think that psychology is a huge crock, and most counselors are more looking to keep a job than they are to get to the root of any problem.  It’s also a very subjective branch of ‘science’, which to me, doesn’t breed a lot of confidence in it.

ceramic teeth But the one thing that I really hated as a kid was going to the local dental office.  I know that it was, and remains important.  I know that going to see my local dentist probably did me a lot of good over the years that I don’t give them credit for.  I know that when it all comes down to it, the dentist was a nice guy (he really was.  Apparently, he won some elected position in the local government shortly after I left town, so he was popular enough to get a majority of votes, at very least.  Plus, it was a fairly small town, I’m more than willing to believe that he was probably the dentist for more than half the voters), but I hate the work that he has to do.  For example, almost any time that I have ever gone to see the dentist, I have ended up with stomach ache.  Why?  That ‘polish’ that they put on your teeth.  It doesn’t do well with my stomach (or react well with a beer before a dentist appointment, apparently).

But having said that, I still understand that going to the local dental office is important, and that it will have a great impact on my teeth and my smile in the long run.  And since I want to keep the teeth in my skull for now, I go to the dentist, and I brush and floss, all the stuff.  But there are a lot of people who are not going to their dental office as often as they should be, and that, my good man, is how you end up with a smile that can be mistaken for meth mouth. Here are a few things that your dentist can do to keep your smile looking good.

1.  Teeth cleaning

The first thing that I would like to mention is that you can go to your dentist once a year and get an examination, and when you get such an examination, you are going to also be able to get a teeth cleaning.  This is basically a professional, high-octane version of what you can do at home with a toothbrush and toothpaste and whatnot.  It is something that will help you to make sure that you are getting those hard to reach places in your teeth, too, which is always a plus in my opinion.

2.  Dental veneers

You are going to damage your teeth over the course of your life.  It is going to happen.  And when it does happen, you are going to find that you will be looking to do something to correct that damage so that your smile will look as beautiful as it can. And this being the case, if you are looking to ensure that your smile will look as beautiful as it can, you will need to look into veneers.  These are fake teeth that you slip on over your real teeth and that will allow you to make your smile look as good as possible.

3.  Dental implants

But if you do more damage to your teeth, you may well need to look into something else.  You can, in fact, lose too much tooth and end up with a smile that will not be able to be fixed.  If this happens, you are going to want to look to dental implants, which will allow you to not only make sure your smile will look its very best, but also make sure that when you chew, you’ve got that tooth there instead of a gap.