Keeping your whole body healthy is important to you. You take steps to make sure you are in great shape, eating right and working out regularly. You also make sure to focus on your oral health, because you know it can have an impact on the health of other parts of your body, including the heart. You have a daily dental hygiene routine and you follow it religiously. You brush a minimum of two times, and usually three, a day. You even keep up with your flossing, making sure it happens every night before bed. You see your dentist every six months, making sure everything is as it should be and getting a thorough cleaning. Naturally, with all this care your oral health is in top shape. Unfortunately, you cannot say the same for your smile. That is because you have crooked teeth. While your careful attention to your oral health is certainly important, it cannot realign your teeth. You are embarrassed by your smile, and hate letting the world see it. 

After going through much of your life ashamed of how your smile looks, you have finally decided that you are ready to take action. You are going to begin undergoing orthodontic care so you can give yourself the smile you deserve, one you can be proud of. Naturally, this means you will be getting braces. While you are excited to finally have straight teeth, the process that will get you there worries you. You find metal braces to look juvenile and immature, and you do not want them to affect your professional life. 

There is, however, an alternative. You can give yourself a straight, beautiful smile, without suffering from months or years of a mouth full of metal. This alternative is called Invisalign. Invisalign braces can give you that smile you are longing for without the unsightly metal braces. Today we are going to explain what Invisalign braces are and why they might be the right choice for you!

  • What are Invisalign braces?
    Invisalign braces are a clear aligner system. Instead of using brackets, bands and wires to straighten the teeth, they use clear trays that have been custom designed for each wearer using 3D imaging. The trays come in sets of two, one for the bottom row of teeth and one for the top row. The fact that the trays are clear is an important feature; it means that they are the invisible braces. It is easy to see why this would be a big benefit for many people; the idea of getting straight teeth without having to deal with the cosmetic issues of metal braces is a very attractive one.
    Each set of trays is used for approximately two weeks. After that set time period, they are traded out in favor of a new set that will help to bring the teeth one step closer to their proper alignment. Treatment takes between 9 and 18 months, with wearers going through 18 to 36 sets of trays. 
  • Why are Invisalign braces a better choice than metal braces?
    We’ve already touched on the most popular part of Invisalign braces, and that is that they are nearly invisible. This is a huge factor for adults, because many fear that having metal braces will have a significant negative affect on their personal and professional lives. However, the benefits to Invisalign braces do not stop there.
    Traditional metal braces are nearly always accompanied by pain and discomfort. All of the different pieces that are required in order for metal braces to do their work will crowd the mouth and protrude from the teeth. These protrusions rub against the inside of the cheeks and lips, which causes painful friction sores to develop. These sores make any movement of the mouth, such as when a person eats or speaks, difficult and painful. The trays that make up the Invisalign system, on the other hand, are smooth and do not protrude from the teeth. This means that there is nothing to cause friction, and no painful sores are created. Dental hygiene is also an easier process with Invisalign braces than with metal braces. Metal braces often act as catch alls for food particles and bacteria, and they are very difficult to clean using normal brushing and flossing. This puts the wearer at a higher risk for developing serious oral health issues, like gum disease and plaque build up. Invisalign braces, however, are removable. That means that during brushing and flossing, the trays are simply taken out. The wearer does not have to significantly change their routine, and there is not added oral health risk.