Millions of people everyday use the internet to find things that they are looking for, much like they used to use the phonebook. It is imperative for a company that wants to be successful to have a webpage that their prospective customers can visit to first of all, know that they exist and second of all, get the information that they are looking for. A website design company starts with a blank canvas and needs to come up with a way to design an effective webpage so people can quickly find the information they are looking for without having to feel like they are figuring something out. People are going to make certain associations about a business based on their website, so if it is easy to use they are more likely to think that the company is going to be easy to work with. A dysfunctional website can create a negative association that makes someone want to go back to the search results page to find a page that works for them.

It is important for a web design company to remember that they need to be simple. Simplicity must be stressed because people respond well to things that are easy to understand. Any road blocks or obstacles of any kind that are presented in the process of someone viewing a webpage can decrease their likelihood of staying on a website for very long. The longer that someone is on a website, the more likely it is that they are finding information that they think is useful and is going to contribute to them actually making contact with the company. Sometimes a short webpage visit can be just as effective if they can find what they want quickly like a company’s location or contact information. This is only going to happen if the website is set up in a way that is immediately clear what the visitor needs to click on in order to get what they want.

Easy navigation is a part of simple, effective webpage design that helps people explore a website in a manageable and effortless way. The homepage should make people feel at home by having a clean and organized design with easy-to-locate menu options that will lead them to the information they are looking for. Many informational websites have four or five sections that can be clicked on at the top of the homepage that will lead to specific information on another page contained within the website. ‘About Us’, ‘Contact Us’, ‘Products’, ‘Services’ and ‘Location’ are all common sections for webpages and the company logo is often displayed in the same place of every page that is built with a link back to the homepage. Web developers found out a while ago that linking the company logo to the homepage improved the webpage viewing experience from a navigation standpoint, so this is a familiar feature on many different websites.

Getting people to the website is a different matter altogether but if they are going to like what they see once they get there, that is a good place to start. Search engine optimization (SEO) is a piece of the internet exposure puzzle that can really help a website gain more visibility. People use keyword searches to find what they are looking for and search engines seek out and produce the most relevant information they can find based on those words. A website needs to be designed with those words in mind to make sure that the webpage ranks well for search results. People do not often go to the next page on search results pages so any company who wants their webpage to be viewed with any amount of frequency needs to show up as high on the first page of the search results as absolutely possible. There are other tricks that a web designer can use to make a webpage more visible to search engines as well.

Publishing relevant content and updating a website on a weekly basis can make the page easier for people to find. Most often, a company website will use a blog format in order to accomplish this the most effectively. Blogs are a good way to engage customers so they can see that there is frequent effort being put into the website so they can be properly informed. Strategic keywords can be placed in the blog post that search engines index and store when people use those words to search with. So, in many cases a webpage can perform better in the search engine rankings game with a blog.