For the longest time in the United States, we had only one option when it came to realigning the teeth in the mouth (and don’t worry, the rest of the world was just as bad off when it came to options.  Remember, we pretty much created the majority of medical procedures that are designed to make one look better or more attractive or what have you.  God bless us, right?).  Around the seventies, finally there were new options for realigning your teeth, in the form of standard metal braces, which were a huge step up when it came to ways to realign the teeth and to do so without letting the whole world around you on to the fact that you were attempting to do so.

Now, beginning in the late nineties, a group of people had an idea, based on the design and the concept of braces, but that would be a lot easier to live with and a lot easier to put up with, as well as something that would be less of an albatross around the neck of your social life.  This being the case, they branded this invention ‘Invisalign‘.  Here’s just three ways that is’ superior to the standard metal braces that it replaced.

1.  Discretion

The first thing that Invisalign does better than the braces it replaces is that it is a lot more discreet.  This isn’t a surprise, either.

I mean, let’s face it.  Standard metal braces have a lot of one thing that they’re made out of that keeps them from being discreet.  Metal.  Metal is going to make it a lot harder to hide something.  There’s metal involved in the whole design, from the brackets that are being affixed to the teeth with the use of a long term dental adhesive to the metal wire that is maintaining the pressure that will allow them to realign the teeth.  Now, in the last few years, there’s been a noticeable switch to using brackets that can be ceramic or porcelain, but that doesn’t do much about the whole ‘metal wire’ issue, and that wire still needs to be me made from metal (for now.  Someday, though…)

cosmetic braces for smile correctionOn the other hand, Invisalign has no metal in it whatsoever.  It’s a series of retainers, basically, although they call them aligners, and they’re generally made of a hard plastic that is designed to be absolutely invisible when placed over the mouth.  This being the case, if you are using Invisalign aligners to realign your teeth, you’re not going to have any problems hiding what you’re up to, which can be a real asset and can make your life a whole lot easier.

2.  Comfort

In general, standard braces are not the most comfortable thin in the world to have in your mouth.  I mean, there’s not much that you can put in your mouth and leave there over the long term that is going to be comfortable.  Having brackets in your mouth, well, they’re going to protrude, and that means that they’re going to rub uncomfortably against the gum line, and that means that they’re just going to be a huge hassle overall.  The whole thing can be quite uncomfortable over the long run.

With Invisalign as your method of adult orthodontics, on the other hand, you can very easily find your mouth feeling more or less the same.  This is because Invisalign aligners are basically designed to fit comfortably over the teeth, and not just over any teeth; they’re custom-made for you and your particular teeth, which will allow you to make sure that they’re as comfortable as they could possibly be.

3.  Cost

The best thing about Invisalign is the cost.  In the bigger scheme of things, you can basically consider Invisalign to be ‘braces, 2.0′.  This being the case, you’d expect them to be much more expensive, to the same ratio that this year’s computers will be more expensive than last year’s (devalued) computers.  Instead, you need only pay about a thousand dollars more for Invisalign (trust me, that’s not a big number in the scheme of things, and that is basically the worst-case scenario, not the normal price gap), and you get all sorts of advantages for that money.  Probably the kind of thing that is worth a few hundred to a thousand dollars more, wouldn’t you think?

At no point in our history has it been easier for people to get their teeth realigned, and to do so comfortably, than today.  And let’s face it, things are just going to keep getting better.