We use the internet for a lot more today than we have in the future.  The first movement toward using the internet for more important things came way back when we moved from 56kb speeds per second to the 1mb and greater range, when the connections became more trustworthy, and when more information could be sent.  This trumpeted the beginning of shopping using the internet, really.  Before then, you had to do all your shopping either in person or using catalogs, and the use of either one can be a real hassle for anyone.

Now, a business that has no place on the internet is limiting its own reach.  Social media management is all about expanding that reach, and making sure that you will be able to reach many more customers, and to sell them the goods that you have to offer (or the services, whatever the case may be).  A business with a storefront will only have a bit of local reach, and even then their reach maybe limited by their location.  You may have the best store ever, selling the best guitars ever, for example, and the rarest and the ones that are most amazing to play, but if you are located in a terrible neighborhood, you won’t get any business.  Now, with a bit of local advertising, having ads in the paper and what have you, you are going to be able to realize a lot more business, sure, but still you can only do business with those nearby. But, when you put your goods online, you are able to do business not only with those nearby, but with anyone around the world who is interested in what you have to sell and what you can offer them.  Really, the only limit is your willingness to deal with shipping things overseas, which can be quite the hassle in some cases, believe me, but can also be quite profitable.  Anyway, here are just a few ways that having a presence on social media can be used to bring in more customers and more money.

1.  Communicate with the consumers directly

social media firmAs any PR firm can tell you, the most important thin in a business is to let customers know about what you have to offer, but surely letting them know about your business and the products that you have to sell is a close second.  The fact is, if you don’t tell them what you have to offer, you’re going to be in a lot of trouble, but you must also be willing to communicate with them about their concerns.  Maybe they write you because one product that you offered wasn’t to their tastes, for example, one cut of meat that they had you found to be of no use in making a stew.  However, in writing to this company that is responsible for doing butcher work and shipping the meat, they can tell you that they offer this other cut, and that this can be better for you to fix the stew with.  This is the kind of thing that you can do with your own page, communicate directly with customers.  I highly recommend doing so.

2.  Advertise on social media

Yes, there is ad space on social media sites.  It is often in the bar on the right, where there a handful of things that you can click on to take you to various sites.  If you click on them, you end up going to their website, or you go to their page on the social media, or, in some cases, you will go to a plate that you can purchase the goods.  With social media, though, you can easily target your ads at the right people.

3.  Sweepstakes

When you see those things on your social media pages that say ‘oh, like and share this and then comment on it and you win the stuff in the picture’, this is a sweepstakes, but every time you share the picture, and you like the business page, you are spreading their reach further and further. This allows them to reach your friends, and if your friends have a similar interest, which is highly likely, then they too will be sharing it, and it just goes on and on until your reach is expanded all the way around the world.   This is the idea behind marketing with a social media management company.

If you too would like to expand your reach, consider doing so with the use of social media marketing.  It is a lot easier and less expensive, and it grants you more reach, than traditional forms of marketing, that’s for sure.