Have you ever run a small business?  It can be something that you have to put your whole self into (in fact, more likely than not, it is going to be such a thing that you have to do with every bit of your self, but that is neither here nor there, for the time being).  When running a small business, you are likely to notice a few things.  To begin with, the government sucks and is not a friend to small business (likely because you don’t have the money to really influence them, and the policies are all influenced by people who have billions of dollars to spend on lobbying and what have you).  You will also find that tax schemes are awful (and seriously, this the truth).  You are also likely to find out that you will have to, at some point, hire some people outside of your business to help you out with various things.

I mean, it only makes sense.  You don’t do your own legal work (and if you do, you a dummy. Seriously, anyone who represents themselves in court has a fool for a client, and there are people far more intelligent than you or I, dear reader, who have said this very same thing); you hire outside for a lawyer to watch over your business.  You don’t do your own accounting, in a lot of cases, when you get to being a certain size, but rather you invest in an accounting firm.  Why, then, would you do your own social media management work, rather than outsourcing to some sort of PR firm to get the work done that you need?

Yes, truly, a PR firm can be a big help to you and can do a whole lot for you to make sure that you will be bringing in a lot more business and a lot more money, believe it or not.  The fact of the matter is that if you are looking for someone to help you to spread the word about what you have to offer the country, you are going to find that there are few things that you can turn to that will better serve you than a PR firm.  Here are just a few ways that they can help you out.

1.  Press conference

Every so often, you will change the way that your business does things.  Maybe you’ll do something out of the box or unexpected, or maybe you will just be changing leadership.  When you do so, it may be in your best interest, as a business, to hold a press conference to discuss the changes that have been made. A good PR firm will be able to help you to understand the best way to bring this sort of information to your customer base

2.  Press release

Not to be confused with a press conference, a press release is basically a memo you send to various press outlets to answer a question or to make a statement about something that you may or may not be involved in.  For example, if your restaurant decides to buy only locally sourced foodstuffs, that may be something you want to make a press release about.

3.  Ad buys

Buying ad space will, for every business, become a necessity at some point or another.  The fact is that a lot of people will be having to invest in ad space to help their business grow.  The fact is also that there is very little room for your small business to haggle over the price of ad space because you don’t buy much and you don’t buy often.  A PR firm will be able to haggle though as they buy more and more regularly. The value of a great PR company is in their connections and ability to haggle over such coverage.

Find a PR firm to promote your company4.  Social media management

Using social media to your advantage is something that a PR firm can also help you with.  And let’s face it, this is a broad topic that could be a whole post unto itself.

5.  PR maintenance

The little, unexciting things that are done constantly to make sure that your business is going to be well thought of and reaching more and more people everyday.

6.  Crisis help

In some cases, you may find out that you have done something wrong, and the whole customer base may be aware of it too.  The fact is, though, that if you get in front of the problem, you don’t end up in as much trouble.  Trust me, a PR firm can help you out if you have done something wrong and need to make amends and save face in public.

So, if you are looking to find a business to help you to grow, here are just a few things that you should look into.  Trust me, your bottom line and your wallet will thank you in the long run for this good investment.