Searching for a good dental care provider can be a bit of a chore, especially if you don’t take a systematized approach. If you just go looking through all of the listings for dentists in your entire city, it could take way more time than you may be willing to give, which can be stressful and discouraging. However, if you know how to whittle down your search quickly and easily, it can be a much more simple task. Here is a simple process that will allow you to narrow your search down to only those dentists which fulfill all your requirements, and provide the greatest quality of dental care.

The largest stroke you will take to reduce the number of dentists you have to research is simply choosing by location. Location is important because dental emergencies are extremely common, usually painful, and odds are, one will happen to you at some point. So with this likelihood in mind, your dentist office should be as close to possible tow here you are most of the time, which for most people will be their home and their place of work. If you have children, you may want to factor in the location of their school, as well. The easiest way to do this is to pull up all of the dentists in your city on google maps. Find your home and workplace, and school if you have kids, on that map, and look for all of the dentists that are between those two or three locations. Write down the names of all those dentist’s offices which are within your area, and you will have greatly reduced the list of dentists you need to examine in one move.

best dentistNext, you will want to prioritize those dentists who provide the greatest variety of services. Go to the website of each dentist, and they will usually have a list of services they provide. If you’re particularly thorough, you can write them all down in columns by dentist, but if not, you can simply get an idea of who provides the most services, and eliminate those options which provide the least. If there are any group dental practices in your chosen area, odds are they will have the widest variety of services offered, because they usually have numerous dentists and specialists on their team. More dentists means a wider range of expertise, and more specialists generally means a higher quality of services, since a specialist is always better at whatever they specialize in than a more general, solo practitioner will be. Add to that the fact that sharing the cost of facilities and staff between dentists means usually lower prices and better quality equipment, and group dental practices should probably just be moved to the top of your list, by default.

Another thing to consider is price. Unless they are a group dental practice, in which case their alternative style of business plan can explain it, any dentists who have their own independent practices, and who have unusually low prices for the area, should be avoided. Odds are, these lower prices aren’t because the dentist is such a good-hearted person that they accept a lower salary in order to make it easier on their customers; more likely, they either don’t do good work, and so are compensating for a low rate of customer loyalty by bringing in new customers with low prices, and/or they aren’t investing much money in updating their equipment, which can also bring the price down, but at a cost of lower quality of care. This is why anyone who is too cheap should be moved to the bottom of the list. What you are looking for is those dentists or dental clinics which are within the medium price range for the area. You may have to call around to find out some prices, and you don’t have to find out the price for every single service they offer. Try choosing a few services that are extremely common, such as tooth removal, cavity filling, and teeth cleaning, and ask each dentist the price for those same few services. This will help you to gauge their overall price range, without having to ask them for the price of every single service they provide.

Lastly, definitely consult online resources like The Better Business Bureau, Angie’s List, and Yelp!, as the online reviews left on these website will be of enormous value to you in making your final decision. Reading these reviews may be somewhat time-consuming, but not as much as trying to read the reviews for every dentist in town. Hopefully, by this point, you’ve at least narrowed it down to the point that the amount of review-reading you have to do will be bearable, and it is a great way to give you an idea of what that particular dentist or dental clinic is good at, and what they may not be.