expert digital marketing firmThere are TONS of full-service web development agencies ready to handle all of your online needs. Plenty of firms will they have no trouble dealing with your site’s design and development and then carrying out strong digital marketing campaigns. The trouble is, these firms often overestimate their abilities or stretch themselves too thin.

Business owners must be thorough and selective when deciding on which firm to hire, even when dealing with a well-known web design agency. An agency that’s perfect for one industry may struggle to design a successful website for another. You need to take many different factors into consideration during the decision process. Make sure you’re clear about the goals you have for your company website, and establish your budget and required features early int the process.

There are a few things you can look for in digital marketing and development agencies to know if they’re on top of their game or not. Pay attention and ask questions along the way. It also helps to have a general knowledge of the subject. Even a basic understanding can give you a leg up on the competition. Check out the list we’ve prepared of what you should look for in your design and development team. It’s a great starting point and should get you headed down the right path.

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What should you look for in a design and development agency?

  • A solution for social media- Some agencies, even those that provide a vast array of marketing options, may leave social media up to you. Others will take it upon themselves to add post, answer questions, and participate with clients and customers on these accounts. The point is, you must know before agreeing to work with them. Ideally they’ll be able to provide you with guidance on your social media accounts, but don’t sacrifice design and development quality just for a firm that’s willing to manage your Facebook and Twitter.
  • Responsive approach to design – It should be obvious by now that many people are using mobile devices for ALL of their internet needs. They shop, surf, and chat on tablets, smartphones, and other devices. If your website doesn’t display correctly for them, you’ll run into problems. Customers have difficulty trusting companies that don’t have a responsive site that works flawlessly on mobile. Many users think companies “just don’t care” if their site doesn’t work on mobile. Don’t be one of these companies.
  • Intuitive Navigation and User Interface – Visitors must be able to move around your website with ease. If they get lost or are unsure of what to do, it will have a negative impact on your bounce rate. People don’t stick around long when they can’t figure things out. Your interface needs to be clear and easy to understand, and navigation must be simple and straightforward.
  • They design with SEO in mind – Websites that are optimized for search engine results are far more successful than those that aren’t. The top few results on any search results list get the vast majority of the traffic. If you’re site isn’t showing up until the 2nd or 3rd page then you’re definitely lagging behind. A professional website design company should have a solid plan in place for SEO, and their designers should be creating the site with optimization in mind.
  • They don’t skimp on images - A great way to give your website a polished and professional look is to have high-quality, original images featured in your design scheme. Visitors will recognize cheap stock photos right away, and your credibility takes a hit because of it. You want designers that are original and creative. And they should be afraid to invest money to get the desired results.
  • Focus on security – Without proper security measures your website is a sitting duck. There are too many threats out there waiting to attack you and your customers to forget about security. A professional digital ad agency will employ security experts whose job it will be to keep your site safe. Spare not expense when it comes to keeping people’s sensitive information secure.
  • They’ll have a plan for content – Content truly is the bread and butter of your website. It’s the things that keeps people coming back for more. Excellent content has shown to lead directly to conversions. And conversions are the ultimate goal of our websites generally. You’ll need a top-notch blog and plenty of fresh visual content to keep your users interested and engaged. A good firm isn’t going to leave you out to dry worrying about your own content. They’ll have a plan in place for the get go and keep after it for a standard maintenance cost.

When you’re meeting with potential agencies, be sure to consult this handy list!