custom grow roomsOf all the money-making ventures that one can embark on today, growing marijuana is by far one of the most promising, in terms of return on investment. No one grows marijuana and doesn’t make a profit, unless they quit or smoke up all their own product, it just doesn’t happen. That’s because marijuana is the single most valuable agricultural plant product that can be legally grown, at this time. Averaging in at about $3,000 per pound, you can’t make more money growing anything else. As legalization is now in motion, and we can only expect it to continue, there’s no stopping this huge, growing industry. With something so promising, who wouldn’t want a piece of the action? If you’re reading this article, it’s likely you are one of those who are considering this possibility, or perhaps you’ve already decided. Either way, I’d like to share with you one simple trick that can vastly improve the rate of returns on your investment when you get started in the cannabis industry.

The primary obstacle to any beginning grower is the learning process that’s necessary to go through, so that you can finally, eventually grow the high-grade buds you wanted to. Some might call it “paying your dues,” but I call it an unnecessary hassle that should be avoided at all costs by anyone who is interested in making money growing marijuana as quickly as possible. Let me explain to you why.

Growing marijuana is about creating a perfect environment for your plants to grow the way you need them to produce the buds you want, and creating that perfect environment is achieved first and foremost by your grow room. That’s why grow room design is the single most important factor in cannabis growing success. The genetics of the plants are important, and your attentiveness and skill at knowing what the plants need and giving it to them are too, but both these factors pale in comparison to the grow room. The grow room is the tool you use to grow good buds, and if it is not well-designed, then you will not easily find success growing marijuana. Yet, learning how to create a professional-grade, top-notch grow room is something that takes time, and usually a lot of mistakes. No matter how much research you do, you’re going to run into problems, you’re going to do something wrong, it’s inevitable. And that mistake could cost you thousands of dollars in your first harvests.

Now, if you want to be a grow room designer, then by all means, I highly recommend you spend a great deal of time figuring out exactly how to make the perfect grow room. But if you want to make a lot of money growing superb cannabis, and see maximum returns on your investment, then I highly suggest you skip it. How? That’s simple. You skip it by purchasing a single, turnkey solution that eliminates the need for all that trial and error.

That solution is the modern, prefabricated, modular grow room. This is fundamentally a professional level grow room in one pre-made product which you can even have installed for you. It will do everything that the best grow room you could ever hope to construct after years of learning from your own mistakes would ever do, and will require almost no effort on your part. Why spend all that time learning how to design a grow room, when all you want to do is grow good buds and make money?

This solution will have a higher price tag than putting together your own room, but you get what you pay for and ultimately, it is a better investment. When we talk about these two different grow room options, we’re talking about a difference of potentially tens of thousands of dollars in your first year of growing. If you go through the process of making your own grow room, you will not be growing as much marijuana, and it will not be as high in quality, and therefore you will make less money. If you grow with a modular prefab grow room, on the other hand, you could be growing high-grade bud within your first few harvests, even as an absolute novice. That means that ultimately, you will make much more money, much faster if you utilize this new grow room innovation, which is now available in all legalized states. If you want to see maximum returns on the money you invest in your grow room, then choosing to invest a few more thousand dollars in the beginning with one of these prefabricated grow rooms will ultimately mean many thousands more in profits later.