Orthodontics is a business as much as it is a medical specialty. Orthodontists these days have to market themselves in order to make a living like any other business, because there is more competition than there has ever been. A good orthodontist has to offer a variety of services in order to validate their practice and having the latest, state-of-the-art equipment and methods available to their prospective clients is something that they want to get the word out about. A lot of people live their lives like they are in the stone-age. So, sometimes a business or practice needs to help people understand what they are missing out on, maybe help them understand that there are other parts of the world that are not located under a cloud that never seems to move on in a life where the ever-present fog never seems to lift. An orthodontist sometimes needs to act as the shiny, beacon of light guiding lost ships to the golden shores of Smileland, where people actually enjoy their smiles.

Alternatives to traditional braces have been available since the 1980s, but then orthodontists and dentists did not really have to do much to get their name out there because the business pretty much came directly to them. Plastic and ceramic brackets are good alternatives for adults who need braces but understandably want to conceal their presence as much as they possibly can. Then, the only way for someone to know about these alternatives was by getting the information straight from the horse’s mouth after going to the stable for a heart-to-heart. Today, every orthodontic practice has a website where they list their suite of services and anyone who is anyone offers Invisalign. Invisalign is like the new magic trick that a magician needs to know in order to get people through the door.

Sometimes technology is kind of like magic. Invisalign can produce some very amazing results without the use of braces at all. Special training and equipment is required in order for a dentist or orthodontist to properly administer this method but those who are able to offer this as an option to their prospective clients is most definitely in a better position than someone who does not. Kids are not eligible for Invisalign because it is designed to fix fully developed smiles, not bring developing smiles into line as they are still forming. Invisalign has been available and an independently marketed brand since 2000, and it has been changing the way that teenagers and adults think about correcting their smiles ever since.

Just imagine if you were someone who had already racked their brain over the idea of getting braces installed and decided against it because you did not want to deal with the looks you would get from other adults who noticed that you had them. Then, think about a couple of years going by being unsatisfied with your smile everyday and then all of a sudden you see an Invisalign advertisement that turns everything that you know on its head. Do you think that the possibility of being able to correct your smile with invisible ‘aligners’ may cause you to walk with a little extra pep in your step? Well, Invisalign was the shot in the arm that a lot of grown adults needed to inspire some hope for the smile of their dreams.

Invisalign teen is being advertised directly to teenagers because everyone knows how concerned about the ‘cool factor’ they are and how braces can take them down a few pegs. The older that someone gets, the more progressively nervous they get about the notion of wearing braces because they become less and less common with each year they grow older. Thin, clear plastic aligners that are custom-fit to the individual specifications of a patient’s teeth can work wonders in less than half the time that braces can in many cases. Not everyone is considered an ideal candidate for this method but those who are do not often choose any other method when at least part of the reason why they want to straighten their teeth is not for functional or health reasons.

The proper orthodontic care is best provided during one’s early adolescence but when that time comes and goes while everyone you know gets braces and then has them removed, it may feel like that ship has already sailed. Well, your own ship in the form of Invisalign may be coming to shore to pick you up and sail you away into the sunset if you talk to an orthodontist and find out if it is a good option for you.