The key to running a business is profit, and the key to profit, as any business knows, is growth.  Growth in who you can offer your products too, growth in who knows that your store or business exists, growth in the number of places your business is advertised, growth in the number of people talking about your business.  If your business was a hashtagged name, you’d want it to be trending, #yourbusinesshere.  So, how can you make sure this happens?

You need to have a public relations strategy.  You need to have a plan in place to manage the public concept of what your business is, what you do or offer, and how well you offer that service or product, and how competitive your offer is.  You need to have an idea of how you’re going to compete with other people’s message and get yours heard more loudly, more clearly, and by more of the people most likely to be your prospective customers.

For anyone, that’s a tough job.  For a company just starting out, being heard above the general din of everyone else’s advertising can seem like a nearly impossible task.  Many more established businesses have entire divisions dedicated to this kind of thing, while smaller businesses have hired companies that specialize entirely on PR messaging.  Luckily, you have an option.

If your business isn’t large, you can’t really easily absorb all of the costs associated with running PR campaigns for yourself.  But, you will be able to afford to outsource the work to a public relations company.

How will this PR company help you?  Three main processes.  First, they’ll help to get you sympathetic media coverage, helping to get you coverage in the media in general, a place to present the public face of your company to the public and tell them about what you’re doing, what you’re selling, what you’re offering, and what makes your offer so much better than the competitor’s.  The media coverage will also give you a chance to present the way that your company came to be, allowing you to craft a story to the general public about how it came to be, the struggles that you went through just to bring them a product.  People love something with a story behind it.  Daily, you can watch items sold at auction; for example, a guitar auction.  I’ve seen a wonderful guitar go for a thousand dollars and a bit extra, while a guitar that wasn’t as well taken care of, wasn’t as well set-up, but had a better story, went for a hundred times that cost.  People want to hear the story and philosophy of your business, and a PR company will help that get out in the public eye.

Next, your PR company will help you craft ad campaigns and get ad play in various media.  This could mean a lot of things.  It could mean helping you to craft a series of television ads to play during shows commonly watched by the age group you’re trying to sell your wares and skills to.  It could mean helping you to record a series of radio ads to play on the local radio station most accessed by the people you’re looking to serve.  It could mean purchasing ad space in local newspapers, magazines, and other periodicals.  Once these ads are in place, it’s time for the last step in your quest to produce long-term, stable growth in your sales.

To do this, you’ll need to maintain a presence on social media networks, and so it’s important that you choose a PR agency that has strong social media marketing service experience.  This will be a battle you’ll have to fight on two fronts.  First, you’ll have to have social media accounts for your customers on the main social media networks, somewhere for them to come and see, or to put up content on their feeds, that tells them about what’s new with your business, what your new offers are, what you’re running specials on, or even what your next upcoming promotions are.  If you’re a brewery, you can talk about your new beer; if you’re a clothing store, you can talk about the new clothing line; if you’re a lottery, talk about the new scratch-offs.  In order to drive the traffic to that corner of the social media networks, you’ll need social media ad buys, which your pr agency will be well-equipped to help you target at those most likely to buy your wares, making sure you get the most bang for your advertising buck.

You can attain the business growth that you need to stay profitable and stay growing.  However, if you’re a small business, it may be wisest to get help to do so from an experience social media management company.