If you have money, any amount of money, really, you are going to be paying taxes.  Do you make less than the minimum amount that the Internal Revenue Service says that you have to make in order to pay taxes? Too bad, you’re still paying taxes, every time you buy something that has sales tax on it (and all of the best things seem to have sales tax, sadly).  Maybe you make a decent living, bringing in a couple of thousand dollars a month, but you work more or less on a contractual basis.  Well, guess what?  You are going to have to take the money that you make and use it on the tax man’s command, to pay them to do various things that, ostensibly, are going to make life better for you and for the people around you (whether or not this actually happens is somewhat questionable, but nevermind that.  If you don’t pay, the reality is that you end up in a lot of trouble, and that trouble starts with things like liens against property you own (if you own any) and leads up to things like being arrested and imprisoned for a failure to pay taxes).

So, how do you figure out taxes?  I mean, if you’ve ever tried to submit your own taxes, you may have noticed that it is immensely difficult to do so, and a massive hassle besides.  The fact of the matter is that taxes are complicated in the best of times, when the only person you’re paying for is you and when you are just paying as an individual.  Add in pretty much any of the other hundreds of variables that are out there, and the whole thing becomes much more complex, and that’s where accounting firms can help you out in a big way, believe you me.  Here’s just a few ways that such firms can help you out in various ways in your life.

1.  Mortgage accounting

accounting servicesFirst off, if you ever hope to be so lucky as to own a home, you’re most likely going to need to have a mortgage, and that means you’ll have to go in and apply for one at your local lending institution (most likely your local bank, but there are other places that one can go in order to get the money that they may need).  When you get said mortgage, though, there’s a lot of things that go into figuring out how much you should be able to take out and things like that.  Mortgage accountants figure out all this information, and they set things like the your interest rates.

2.  MSR accounting

So, now that you’ve got that wonderful mortgage and that lovely house, what next?  Well, next you have to worry about the amount of money that you pay back.  But while your main concern is making the mortgage payments in the appropriate time, the company that has loaned you money is going to be a lot more involved in making sure that they don’t have fail t pay the right taxes and insurances and all that.  So, MSR accounting basically means that you’re taking the money being paid for the mortgage and making sure that various important expenses come out of it.

3.  Tax filling as an individual

One of the most common uses for CPA firms for the common man is to help you with figuring out how to file your own taxes.  Every year, you’re either filing your own taxes and sending the government money, or you’re filling your tax return and asking for money back that they’ve been sitting on for the last couple of months to a year.  Either way, it’s not likely that you want them to sit on a lot of said money, right?  I mean, you’re probably going to be better able to spend your money than they are, and with the help of an accounting firm, you can keep as much of your money as possible.

4.  Businesses taxes

So, while filing your own taxes is a lot of work, filling taxes for an entire business is even more complicated.  You’re going to have a lot of taxes that need to be filed, and you have to pay a certain amount for each employee, than a certain amount based on how much they’ve worked and earned this past year, and then thousands of other little things that I can’t even get into unless you want to read a lot more than I care to write.  Point is, hiring an accounting firm is a great way to help make sure you are going to be in compliance with all the necessary regulations.

So, make life easier for yourself.  Hire an accounting firm, and you’ll be much better off for it.