Business can be tough, but all sorts of things in life are tough and the fact that it is tough just increases the chances of it all being worth it. Making certain decisions about how you are going to get the exposure you need for your business can be difficult because you work hard for the money and you want to invest it into places where it can produce returns. No one would spend money on advertising if they didn’t get anything out of it and no one would represent their company at a trade show if it didn’t make good sense to.

So, with a trade show specifically, it is a great idea to take it seriously and treat it like it is your only chance to gain any momentum whatsoever. There are many companies who save all of their advertising and marketing dollars for event marketing solely, because it is the most effective way for them to create some traction in the marketplace. Trade shows are anything but random. These are specific places that people from specific industries gather to make connections, share ideas and show and sell their products and services.

Some trade shows have hundreds of vendors and there are only so many days of the show and hours in the day to see what is there. When someone is attracted to your booth and you take up some of their time, you want them to remember their interaction and the time they shared at your booth over someone else who provides the same kind of products/services that your company does. You cannot be counted on solely to provide those experiences personally, so you are going to need a little bit of help with a professionally designed display.

A trade show booth should be much more than a table spread, a few business cards and a company banner. It should be a special place where the amount of space that you purchase for your company can be fully utilized by having an interactive exhibit built that will not only attract visitors but entertain them to a degree as well. Trade show booths should provide a welcoming atmosphere and be designed with features that stimulate the senses of the people who take the time to stop by and see what you are all about.

Trade show displays should not be two-dimensional, they should be a space that people can feel contained within because there are a variety of surfaces that separate it from the rest of the trade show floor. Typically, the ceilings of a trade show venue are extremely high and unless you put a lid on your exhibit, so to speak, it will not feel like its own space and people’s attention will be a little more difficult to capture and hold for any given amount of time. Now, it shouldn’t be designed like a six-sided box or anything like that, but there should be upright surfaces that act as dividers in order to create a self-contained space.

You can have your trade show booth designed with LCD displays that show your product lineup or have videos playing that explain or show your products and services. You can have specially designed software and apps that people can play with on touch-screen tablets that are included as a part of the booth design. Heck, exhibit booths can even be designed to be more than one story with stairs and aerial walkways. The only things that are going to get into the way of what you want is your budget limitations and the specific parameters of the space you purchase.

Trade shows sell space based on the amount needed and the location of the booth. Like real estate, a central location is desired by most but it may be at a price that you are not willing to pay. So, maybe a less desirable location makes you feel like you need to step up your game a little to make sure that you can maximize the traffic that walks by. Standing out is the name of the game at a trade show because if you blend into the obscurity of the hustling and bustling show without being able to grab people’s attention, you are not make the most of your experience.

Investing in providing your company a strong presence at a popular industry trade show with a booth that is going to turn heads could be exactly what you need to create momentum. In order to eventually be able to take off you have to get off the ground and trade shows are a prime location to make that happen.